Christine wakes up one fine morning to find out that she is very old, almost by 20 years and she cannot remember anything that has happened to her. She doesn’t recognize anybody and even if she does, she can remember things only for a day. Once she sleeps she forgets everything. She believes that she is living with her husband Ben but as she cannot remember things she is doubtful about that too. Somehow Dr. Nash agrees to help her and with his help, she keeps a journal. Somehow she feels like something is wrong with Ben. She also meets up with her friend Claire who helps her to find out what really happened. To make things worse she also has these “recurring flashes of memory” and she cannot even recognize if its something that her mind makes up as a means of excuse or something that really happened in the past. There will be so many unanswered questions until the end of the book…


Let me be brutally honest, I like this book but sadly I was not at all excited to read it. It didn’t give me that adrenaline rush or anything of that sort. It was genuinely monotonous. Christine gets up in the morning finds her journal and writes something on it frantically and ends up not finding anything significant. I took a very long time to finish this book and I even kept on reading other books in between which was crazy.

Anyways there are some good things in this book. The author SJ Watson has portrayed the sub characters in a wonderful way. I loved Dr. Nash who works relentlessly without expecting anything from her. His passion is something great and it obviously inspired me. Coming to Claire’s and Christine’s friendship like all best friends they have fall outs and fights too but they overcome it all. I also liked Christine’s passion, energy and interest to know things.


I will not say that this book is great or its a must read. I didn’t feel good about this book because I’ve seen several movies with the same plot. So I couldn’t enjoy this book at all. It might not be the same for you. So read this book and do let me know how you enjoyed this book in the in the comment section below !!!

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