18 DAYS OF 2018

Hey folks, as its the last month of the year lets have some positive thoughts. Let me fill your minds and hearts with optimism. So this time it’s not a book review or a poem. So you might think as to why I am doing this. Every year before New Year’s Eve I always feel like I haven’t done anything productive or I was not at all happy throughout the year. This feeling of unsatisfaction, of not having lived my life in a proper manner always drives me crazy. I curse the year which has gone by and I wait for the next year with a lot of pessimism. So this year I thought of having a change. I thought of writing briefly about the 18 best days that I had in 2018 and here we go!!!

1 JANUARY 2018

So this day was pretty amazing. I had a very good day. I got a new phone and I was extremely happy. In fact, this day changed my life. It actually changed the way I saw the internet. I turned to more writing poems and I even started reading a lot. I’m sure that it nurtured my imagination and skills

13 January 2018

I had a fun day out with my friends. We walked a lot, saw a lot of places and we had a really good time. This day changed a lot of things between us. We became very close and we started seeing each other from a new and different perspective which was actually cool!

17th February 2018

This was an amazing day I had a wonderful time again with my friends and I also celebrated my birthday. Again we went out and had a lot of fun. Also, we ate a hell lot and went for a movie later which was fun. Overall I was very happy.

20th February 2018

So this was my “birthday”. I again got to cut 2 more cakes on this day. Truly my friends and relatives were sweet enough to get me 2 more cakes. It was really very memorable and I was happy throughout the day. All thanks to my friends

26 February 2018

So around this week arts festival was going on in my college. Though it was not so good towards the end I kind of liked the whole vibe and I was involved in a lot of activities. It was pretty relaxing and I enjoyed a lot.

1 APRIL 2018

I had a very hard time in March. I was feeling very low. I kept on missing my parents and everything was messed up. I was on the verge of crying on 31st March when this happened the very next day. My mom came to visit me and I was extremely happy. I didn’t wish for anything else and yes I had a wonderful time with her

21 APRIL 2018

So this was a super relaxing day as my Semester exams were over and I truly had a reason to relax. I was pretty happy the whole day and I roamed around with my friends. I felt so good after a very long time.

23 APRIL 2018

I was looking forward to this day since a very long time. I did a lot of fun things, brought a lot of books and I enjoyed every moment. It was very special as I was traveling to Muscat and yes I was kind of over the moon

28 APRIL 2018

I was spending this week with my family and I was extremely happy. I spend a lot of time with my sister and I don’t regret it at all. After all, they are memories to be treasured.

29 APRIL 2018

On this day finally I got a chance to go through my old books and the things that I have written and it was kind of overwhelming. So this day can be considered as a milestone in my life because on this day I finally decided to free myself from all the fear that I had and yes soon I started blogging.

4 MAY 2018

It was another amazing day. I went out with my parents, did a lot of shopping and I had a lot of food. Also, I went to a lot of beaches and I had a lot of time to retrospect which was really very cool. I even traveled and I was on cloud nine the whole week

17 MAY 2018

This say was very special because I got a chance to be alone. So I read a lot, walked around a bit and I kept on calmly observing the things that were happening. I was sitting calmly for a long time which doesn’t usually happen.

19 MAY 2018

I was waiting for this day since a very long time. I’m a huge fan of the British Royal family and I like to constantly see what’s going on in their lives. So on this day, I watched the royal wedding and watching it was indeed heavenly


So I and my best friend clicked a lot of pictures on this day. It was all smiles and fun. We made a lot of memories and also I felt genuinely happy after a very long time.


This was another exciting day in my life. I went outside and I was really very happy. I and my best friend went to random bookstores took a lot of photos. We spoke a lot, had a lot of fun and not just that, this day touched my soul.


So this was an unexpected day. I was genuinely under a lot of pressure when this happened. So this day turned out to be a relaxing one. On this day I went to a different college for an even and it turned out to be pretty good. Though it was pretty tiring I felt good overall.

19 DECEMBER 2018

So I went to Cochin and I had a lot of fun there. More than having fun it was pretty informative and I genuinely tried to keep myself happy. We went to a lot of cute cafes and yes it was a wonderful experience.

25 DECEMBER 2018

I genuinely enjoyed a lot on this day. It was all fun and wine. I spend a lot of time with my cousins and family and we ended up speaking a lot. I ate to my heart’s content and yes it was a very peaceful day.

Though these were the amazing bits of my life. There were a lot of ups and downs this year. I felt good for the most part but there were bad days and bad months. I was emotionally traumatized for a while and things were not so good but thankfully I believe in change and its power. I always believe in a better tomorrow and its time you do it too. Though I lost a lot of loving people this year I learned that change is an inevitable part of life and there is nothing that I can do about it.I cried a lot,laughed a lot and yes every experience was worth it. I learned a lot of valuable life lessons too. So do let me know about all the wonderful days that you had in 2018 in the comment section below. I will be very happy to read it all.

Sejal Kumar:- (Conceptualiser)

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  1. Aiswarya PM says:

    Good work,as always!!!β€πŸ‘
    Kripa,This is truly above and beyondπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kripa Kishor says:

      Awww aish thank u !!!😍❀😘


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