Elizabeth Gilbert is very successful in her life. She is in her thirties and she has everything in life from a very handsome husband to an amazing mansion. Sadly she constantly feels like something is missing in her life and in this book she is on a quest to find out all that.  Elizabeth is unhappy with her husband David. He is a perfect husband that anybody would wish to have and he even dreams of having kids with her. Elizabeth takes an initiative and they end up having a bitter divorce.

After a bitter divorce fling Initially, she goes to Rome and she eats a lot of things. Starting from gelatos to pasta’s loaded with a lot of cheese. She meets a lot of new people in Rome and even learns Italian. She finds out that the language is liberating and relaxing and falls in love with that language.  In fact, she considers Italian something like “Food for the soul”. She wanders off to different places without any plans and that is really very beautiful. Next, she goes to India just to pray and find tranquillity. Though she tries fervently to meditate and pray she does not succeed in it.  She is a social butterfly and finds it extremely hard to focus. Time is running out in India and she has got many things to do. Will she find everything that she wished for. Read the book to find out. Finally, she visits Bali because she feels like its a much-needed break. She meets an interesting character named Wayan. Wayan is very poor and Elizabeth helps her to build a new house. Somehow Elizabeth feels like Wayan is cheating her. Will Elizabeth find the love of her life in Bali? Will it be her happily ever after?


Elizabeth M. Gilbert (born July 18, 1969) is an American author, essayist, short story writer, biographer, novelist, and memoirist. She is best known for her 2006 memoir  Eat, Pray, Love. I have so much to talk about this book. Now let me be brutally honest. I loved the initial part of the book. I loved the way she thought about her life and marriage and the decision to have kids.  I found something very interesting in this book, when Elizabeth is in trouble or when she is in distress she writes the cause of her sadness in a notebook. Interestingly she finds the answers to her questions all by herself which is very relaxing. The way she wrote about Italy is very beautiful.  I feel like I’ve already visited Italy after reading this book. Moreover, she talks about Italian as a liberating and a relaxing language.  So this has fuelled the interest to learn Italian in me. Somehow my initial interest disappeared after reading about India and how she tries to find out the real meaning of prayer and meditation.  It was boring after a point of time.  Reading about Bali and the adventures that she had there was kind of good. This book teaches us that once you have a bad divorce or something similar it’s not the end of the world and it won’t take away your power or ability to find love later on in life.  This book is a fun read after a tiring day. If you are looking for something deeply philosophical or interesting please do not go for this book.


I couldn’t connect or fall in love this book but if you are looking for a fun and light read this book won’t disappoint you. So overall I would love to rate this book a 4/5. If u haven’t read this book read it as soon as possible.  Also, let me know how you feel about this book in the comment section below.                          

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