Those conversations, charming ones,

Those chitchats were anointed with hopes,

Chatty Cathy, you defined me,

You made me forget that I’m alone


A minute of anger,

A second of irresponsibility,

And a millisecond of insanely rational thoughts,

Destroyed it all while,

Dreams about you became distant thoughts and

It’s long since I’ve forgotten it all


I wished and waited for so long that I could cry,

Dry eyes with a disoriented mind,

Insane thoughts and intense passion


A confused catastrophe of infidelity struck us,

Regrets and redresses are a thing of the past,

No, I won’t I never will,

I won’t walk in to shatter your faultless faith.


I leave  you in peace and love,

“I command you to please stop being in my

Thoughts, wishes, musings, and dreams”

While I inexpertly stand here still insanely into you !!


–Kripa Kishor

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