I can’t say that “I absolutely loved this book”. I have mixed feelings about this book. So this book is written by Mindy Kaling who is an American actress, comedian, and writer. The first chapter begins with the alternate titles that she had planned on putting for this book. Then she talks about her school life and bullying and how she dealt with it. She also reveals her unending love for diets and her unathletic character. She describes it all in a very funny manner. Then she expresses her real concern “Is everyone hanging out without me?”. Then she explains how she landed up in New York and the jobs that she took up. She even had to work for a TV Psychic. She is also very sure of the fact that the best distraction in the world is romance and guys. So basically if you are Mindy’s fan and if you like comedy its a good book for u to read.



This book was super disappointing according to me. I couldn’t relate to most of the things. This is only because I don’t watch comedy at all and I haven’t watched a single episode of “The Office”. Still, I found this book inspiring. It helped me to think a lot about my friends, how many people I’ve been close with and how many left during the course of time. Moreover, I was happy to read how hardwork pays off. I liked the fact that she was super consistent, dedicated and determined. Her views on guys and dating were hilarious.


I won’t say that this book is a must-read, but it’s an awesome book to read if you like comedy. I guarantee you that this book is super inspiring. So overall I would like to rate this book a 3/5. So if you guys haven’t read this book read it soon. Also, let me know how you feel about this book in the comment section below.


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