Lisbeth Salander is back again. She is fierce and fiery this time. Mikael Blomkvist gets an assignment to publish a book for Dag Svensson and Mia Johansson. With his previous experience with the Wennerstrom affair, he is very cautious this time. Their book is about sex mafia, sex trade, and human trafficking. Though Dag and Mia are planning to use fake names for all the mafia heads and the people who are supporting the human trafficking industry in the book, they are clearly planning to file a case against all the punters as soon as their book is published. Blomkvist is sure that this will create a stir in the media.

Unfortunately, Dag and Mia are found dead in their apartment. This proves to be traumatic for everybody. Surprisingly Blomkvist is the one who finds them first. After a further police investigation, it is proved that Salander’s fingerprints are on the murder weapon. The Police begin to frantically search for Salander but everything is in vain. Meanwhile, Salander’s foster guardian Bjurman is also found dead in his apartment. Everybody is baffled. Mikael also starts his own private investigation to find Salander and solve the crime. Mikael strongly believes that Salander did not commit any of the murders. While the policemen are very sure that she is the one who committed all the murders. This is because all the pieces of evidence are against her. Moreover, they brand and label her merely as a lunatic.


Blomkvist is desperately searching for Salander and he is very sure that the head of the human trafficking industry ” Alexander Zalachenko” has to do something with the murders. Meanwhile, Salander’s best friend Miriam Wu is beaten up by a blonde giant and she is saved by Paolo Roberto. Everything is messed up and is in pieces. This crossword should be solved. Where is Salander now? What is her relationship with Zalachenko and Niedermann, the blonde giant? All these questions will leave you on the edge of your seats !!!



I will never say that this book is absolutely compelling or super thrilling. I felt like this may be because I expected a lot from this book after reading the book ” The girl with the dragon tattoo”. However, after reading this book you will clearly understand how dangerous human trafficking and sex trade is. You will understand how dark and deep their life and secrets are. Be it the victim or the punters. Again like in the first book sexual abuse in the family like marital rape is portrayed hereThe only one thing that forced me to read this book till the end is Salander’s character. She is again seen as a psychologically complex individual and a genius computer hacker. We also come to know more about her family and personal life after reading this book. I am sure all of you will be instantly attracted to her character.

Honestly speaking again I was not at all happy with this book. The storyline is monotonous compared to the first book. The plot doesn’t have many twists and anybody and everybody can predict what is going to happen next. Moreover, towards the end, it gets super uninteresting. Still, I felt good after reading it.


Though I’m not in love with this book I’m sure that it will not totally disappoint the readers. It’s worth giving a try if you are in love with Salander’s character. This book will also help you to understand the dark sides of human trafficking. So overall I would like to rate this book a 3/5. So if you haven’t read this book read it as soon!!! Also, let me know how you feel about this book in the comment section below.

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    😙😙😙well done dear😇

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    1. Kripa Kishor says:

      Thank you !!❤❤


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