Open emotions, teary eyes,

Tired brain and a heart full of dreams

Take the risk or let it go.

Who will give you the courage to choose,

To choose the road not taken


When ideals don’t match,

When I’m afraid to get out of my shell

Whom will I cry to for help?

Where will I find solace?


Unseen places, forbidden lands,

“You wouldn’t be blamed for what you choose”

‘”Have courage and move ahead”

Says my heart


Now it’s the brains turn

“Needn’t take risk oh dear

Because life has taught you so much

Get up and do what the society says ”


Stirred with thoughts, devoid of emotions,

Unable to follow my heart and dreams

As I sit motionless countless dreams pass by


Unseen worlds, thoughtful mind,

Ready to grab anything and everything

Who taught you to be like this?

What were you planning for all these years?

Asks my soul


Education never taught me to think freely

Instead, it grabbed my neck and pulled me back

Education didn’t give me a teaspoon of courage

Or a pinch of willpower.


I wish I could break the stereotypes,

Spill my emotions and follow my dreams

If money matters for you,

My  mind and heart matters for me


Please leave me and give me courage,

Please don’t walk into break me

Now here I go back into the shell

Back to doing what I really don’t want to

__Kripa Kishor




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