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Mikael Blomkvist the co-founder of a Swedish Magazine is in trouble. There is nobody to help him. He lost a libel case with Wennerstrom and he is ordered to pay a lot of money At this point, his life is a question. Now we see the entry of a new character named Lisbeth Salander. Her life too is in pieces as she is tortured by her foster guardian Bjurman. Still, we see her as a very bold character who fights against her rapist. She courageously uses a tattoo machine and she brands him as a rapist. On the other side of Sweden, we see the Henrik Vanger who is from a wealthy business family waiting for the arrival of his niece Harriet Vanger who went missing before 30 years. It haunts him in every way as he was very close with Harriet Vanger. He strongly believes that she is alive. Though there is no evidence to prove that he strongly believes that she will come back to him. He is very old and his end days are near. Henrik has only one thing on his mind, that is he wants to see Harriet again. He appoints Mikael Blomkvist to investigate about Harriet Vanger’s missing. There is something mysterious about the family too. Everything is complicated and in pieces. Will Harriet Vanger return? Will Mikael Blomkvist solve the case with Salander? Will he ever come out of Wennerstrom libel case? This book is a brilliant and fantastic mystery. I will say without any hesitation that it is a must-read.


Only this word has the power to describe this book that is “dazzling” I had no idea about Steig Larsson till my friend suggested his books to me. Yes, it was love at first sight. Everything was catchy starting from the cover to the last page. It taught me to see the world from a different perspective. So this book speaks about the atrocities that are happening to women.  Sexual abuse and its forms are explained very clearly in this book. The author gives us a solid picture of how sexual abuse can happen in the family itself. It deeply saddened me when I came to know that the very family that is to protect and nurture women is a source of abuse and violence against them.  This is a fantastic mystery and you will experience a wide range of emotions while you are reading it. It’s like a roller coaster ride and you will feel that anger, sadness, pain, and happiness.I’m sure at least some of you reading it will have your mind burning with the fire of malevolence. The best part is you will feel all these at the same time. This book will surely excite you.

I felt a strong connection with the characters in this book. Each and every character has their own charm and yes they have a special place in my heart. Blomkvist is a delightfully pleasing character . The patience that he shows while he is in trouble is really praiseworthy. The warmth of friendship that he and his colleague Erica shares is very special. Anybody and everybody will wish for such a relationship. Mikael is very passionate about what he is doing and he even pleased Salander who came to work with him. Coming to Lisbeth Salander she is wild and hard to tame. The only emotion that I felt while I was reading about her was “pure amazement”. Her character is an example for each and every woman in the contemporary society who refuses to speak up even though they are subjected to torture and abuse. Her character strongly believes in vengeance and retaliation and her brains are something that anybody would wish for. Her ability to hack into anything and everything proves to be crucial while solving Harriet Vangers mystery. Henrik Vanger who appoints Blomkvist to solve Harriet Vanger’s case is a very kind and loving man. Though he is the owner of a large empire. He is very humble and down to earth. He cares deeply for Harriet and he still believes that she is alive. He is the only one in the family who shows a real fatherly affection for her.

Initially, I was shattered after I came to know about physical tortures and abuses that women have to face both in the family and in the society but eventually, I was relieved when I saw a character like Lisbeth punishing such people and fighting against such outrageous and monstrous acts. It rightly shows us how to come out of abusive relationships no matter what or how much that person means to you. This book is absolutely dark and compelling. The plot is striking and powerful. I swear I could not stop reading after I started it. Also, I felt very sad when I learned that this book written by Steig Larsson was published posthumously.


The girl with the dragon tattoo is a fantabulous book. Larsson exactly shows us how people in power abuse fellow humans. Each and every page will compel you to go to the next because it is super mysterious and thrilling until the very end. Overall I would like to give this book a perfect 5/5. So if you haven’t read this book read it as soon as possible!!! Also, let me know how you feel about this book in the comment section below.

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  1. Aiswarya PM says:

    Well done👏👏👏👏
    Great job kripa…I truly appreciate for your time and efforts.You are one among those beautiful ones who finds happiness in any circumstances by reading and writing and stay and shine the brightest as you are now.Let ppl be jealous😜.I believe in you and keep moving🤓
    Stay cool
    Stay beautiful😍
    Shine bright like a diamond💎

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    1. Kripa Kishor says:

      Thank u Aishwarya, for this beautiful comment !!! Love u ❤❤❤


  2. LEKSHMI says:

    Great work dear☺☺☺👏👏👏 …..Keep going on kippu😙


  3. Very nice review 😍

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    1. Kripa Kishor says:

      Thank u !!!😀❤

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  4. Sahna Sahir says:

    Amazing work kripa! Keep going!!🤩❤

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    1. Kripa Kishor says:

      Awwwwiiieeee u !!!!! Thanks love😍😘♥️


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