Yes, bolts of lightning in the form of thoughts will strike you while reading this book. Alex’s life is perfect, a handsome husband and an excellent job. Both of them lead very busy lives.  Their life seems to beautiful and complete with the arrival of their daughter Annabelle. Life is a bliss for them till lightning strikes Alex in the form of breast cancer. She undergoes mastectomy and her husband Sam instead of being her strength becomes terrified and horrified. Though they live under the same roof her husband has a very cold and distant attitude towards her. Frightening images of his mother being sick is all that Sam can remember. She undergoes chemotherapy and there is nobody to support her both emotionally and physically. Alex becomes exhausted and she even questions her own existence.

Things take a turn when Sam falls in love with another woman named Daphne who is young and charming. Therefore Sam ignores Alex completely. Little Annabelle is heartbroken after seeing all these.  As expected Alex also falls in love with another man named Brock. He provides her with all the emotional support that she wants. She starts to love her life and she finds a reason to live. Lightning strikes them again. Sam’s promising career starts to fall apart. He is pressed with a lot of charges. Things will change from here. Will Sam return to Alex? Will their lives ever be the same again? Can familial bonds withstand the hardships of life? It’s a question of love, relationships, trust, and faith.


I bought this book randomly and  I had no idea about the author Danielle Steel. She mainly focuses on family issues and human relationships. This book has a very familiar plot. As an avid Nicholas Sparks reader, a wave of familiarity struck me since I started reading the book. The storyline sadly was as expected. Initially, I couldn’t keep the book down. A few chapters, in the beginning, portrays a very calm and peaceful family. Sam, Alex, and their child Annabelle. The happiness that they had initially filled my heart and mind. Since then I felt deeply connected with this book. Later on, the plot takes a horrifying twist. Alex is diagnosed with cancer and since then her life starts falling apart. As expected her husband will fall in love with another woman and Alex finds somebody else and they fall in love too. Till this, the plot is predictable and unsurprising. There is a twist in the plot after this. This book taught me to expect the unexpected.

I won’t say that this book is a must-read but each and every character teaches you a lesson be it  Sam, Alex, Brock or even little Annabelle. Though Alex is portrayed as a very strong working woman initially, later we come to know that she is fragile and needs strong emotional support during the time of a crisis. It is overwhelming and pleasing to see how as a woman she overcomes this misfortune without her husband’s support. She behaves like a real lady. Sam, her husband shows us how a person’s past can affect his present life. Sam’s life is a lesson for Alex as he teaches her to not rely on anybody and you are solely responsible for whatever you do. Brock is portrayed as a very matured character. He full of positivity and optimism and he radiates his energy to whoever he is with. In a way, it is because of Brock that Alex recovers completely. Little Annabelle shows us how a child can play a positive role in their parent’s life.

If u don’t know much about cancer and its effects I suggest that you should read this book. There is a lot of pain that a person has to undergo while having cancer even if he or she overcomes it. Personally, I was panic-stricken for a while after reading about mastectomy. The author also gives us a picture of chemotherapy and its painful effects. That is about losing one’s hair and a part of what they think is their physical identity. Reading this will teach you a lot about life and how it should not revolve around your life partner or just one person and also it teaches us about the importance of having good friends. It will show you how people change and who will stay by your side when life tosses and turns you around.


We all consider chronic diseases like cancer to be a bane but in fact, it is a boon. A boon for us to understand ourselves and grow as individuals. In short its a story of self-discovery. Reading this book will teach you to live with optimism. So overall I would like to rate this book a 4/5. This book will make u realize that external beauty and physical appearance has no role in maintaining a healthy relationship. So if u haven’t read this book read it soon!!!!!!! Also, let me know how u feel about this book in the comment section below.


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    NYC dear☺..excellent work..keep going on

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