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I am Kripa Kishor a very peppy and vivacious soul who loves to read an write. According to me, reading has a therapeutic effect. Be it stress, anxiety or any problem,  my solution to all this is quite simple, “unstrain and read a book”. As a kid, I always wanted to read and I can still remember my mom chanting letters and words into my ears. Since then I totally fell in love with reading. Reading is something more than a hobby for me and I’m really very passionate about it.

Since I was a child I could be found reading in the most silent and placid corners of my house while other kids had fun playing and loitering around.  I grew up reading children’s magazines like Tinkle and Children’s Digest. I  also found joy in reading other books like The Babysitter and Malory towers while Goosebumps, Famous Five and Nancy Drew were my favorites. Books had my heart. I had this deep emotional connection with the books that I read.  Very sadly by 2015, I fell out of track. Studying consumed most of my time and energy but still, I managed to read books from a few authors like Dan Brown, Nicholas Sparks, Paulo Coelho, Jeffrey Archer and Chetan Bhagat though my heart yearned to read more and more. It’s only after choosing English literature as my major in college that I started reading more and in that process, I explored a lot of authors and books.


There are several reasons why I’m starting this blog. Firstly I want to make people understand the importance of reading and also I want to promote reading among the youth which I feel is very essential in the current scenario where we are constantly stuck with mobile phones and the internet. Though we all know that it kills our imagination we are not ready to do anything about it. So I will be posting book reviews. So that it will be easy for u all to read new books and understand more about it.  Moreover recently I have started writing poems and each and every poem that I write has a piece of my heart in it. I’m an amateur writer and I hope your valuable reviews will help me to write better. So I will be posting on a weekly basis. Hope this blog will be of great help to you all !!!



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  1. LEKSHMI says:

    Awesome kripa☺…I strongly believe that ur efforts r going to help the young readers for entering to a world of imaginations through reading more and more books..all the bzt wishes dear😇

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  2. Neenu says:

    Best wishes Kripa

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Archita krishna says:

    Good work!❤

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